Porcelain Countertops Toronto is increasingly becoming popular in the world of kitchen remodeling and modeling. The shiny surface gives the kitchen an elegant and minimalistic look, which is very chic and classic at the same time. A porcelain countertop is bound to make heads turn and make your kitchen a memorable kitchen for all the people visiting you. The kitchen is one place where we spend most of the time. It needs to be exactly how we imagined it to be. When you design the kitchen of your dream and decide which countertop to opt for, you might be confused. We have listed down the pros and cons of porcelain countertops, which will help you to make an informed decision whether these countertops will meet your requirement or not.


  1. Stain Resistance:-The non-porous quality of the porcelain makes it resistant to stains. So the spills on the surface don’t get absorbed by the countertop and make it easy to clean. The staining of porcelain countertops is quite rare. Porcelain is also resistant to most chemicals, so etching and dull spots are a rare phenomenon.
  2. Heat Resistance:- Porcelain is manufactured at high temperatures, making it resistant to heat, so when you place hot pots and pans on it, the surface won’t get damaged
  3. Scratch Resistance:-It is very difficult to scratch the surface of the porcelain. However, a ceramic knife can scratch the surface. So you might want to be careful with them.
  4. Chemical Resistance:-if you drop acidic foods or drinks or chemicals on the surface, the surface won’t etch, get dull, or have marks on it.
  5. Durability:-The countertops, which are made out of porcelain re quite hard and durable. They are unaffected by any kind of wear and tear. However, chipping is possible.
  6. Resistance to UV:-If there is a lot of sunlight beaming into your kitchen, then porcelain countertops are the best option for you as they don’t get discolored due to sunlight and are resistant to UV light.
  7. Variety:-Porcelain isn’t available only in white. They are available in almost every share and pattern—many similar natural stones like marble.
  8. Sealing is not compulsory:-Porcelain doesn’t always need to be sealed, which needs to be done in most cases.
  9. Recyclable:-Porcelain is a clay-based material, which makes it completely natural. You can easily recycle your old porcelain counters.


  1. Patterns are printed on top:-Whatever pattern is there on the countertop’s surface is only printed on top and doesn’t go underneath to the body.
  2. Ceramic Knives:-The surface is not essentially scratch proof. If you use ceramic knives, then it might scratch the surface. It is always best to use a cutting board while chopping.
  3. Limited Availability:-Porcelains aren’t a very common material for countertops. Finding a supplier and a fabricator who is well versed with the material can be quite the task. It is always best to buy it from a specialized showroom.
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