Are You Aware of The Presence of Bedbugs at Home?

Most of you must have seen a bedbug. These are blood-sucking parasites that suck blood of mammals and birds.

Although you may find many different species of these insects, the most common among them are the ones that are associated with humans and survive on human blood. Bedbugs are found worldwide, even in various developed countries like the USA and Canada.

Once bed bugs infest your home, it becomes very hard to eradicate them unless you take help from an experienced pest control service. In Canada, Solution Cimex is a well-recognized pest control company for addressing bed bug issues.

You can see these bedbugs with your eyes. They are brown and flat in shape of about 4 to 7 mm long. They are easily attracted to the warmth, vibrations, odor, and carbon-di-oxide that we exhale while breathing.

The name “bedbug” has been given to them because it generally feeds on our blood at night when we are sleeping. Mostly they remain hidden under our mattresses and when we sleep on our bed, they appear. Generally, they bite on that part of our body that remains exposed while sleeping.

After enjoying your blood for about fifteen minutes, they retreat into their hiding for almost a week. These insects are exceptionally resilient and are can survive without feeding for months.

How to know if there are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are generally considered to be public health pests. They bite you at night when you are sleeping and hence quite often many people don’t realize the presence of these bedbugs at home.

However, when they bite, it feels like a pin has been inserted into your skin for few seconds. Usually, there will not be any signs showing bedbug bites, but sometimes you may have slight pain with reddish-colored skin lesions at the location where the bedbugs bite.

The signs of bed bug infestation include –

  • Blood stains on the pillowcases and sheets
  • Shed skin, egg shells and fecal spots of bedbugs in the area where they hide
  • Musty and offensive odor emitted from the scent glands of bedbugs

Are they dangerous?

As per the health experts, bedbugs do not spread any disease like mosquitos who are known as a carrier of certain blood-borne diseases. Therefore, you need not be scared of them due to their presence at home.

However, you should not allow them to infested your home for too long time. Their bites are quite unpleasant and the area can become infected too.

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