Attracting Deer To Your Orchard: Things To Know!

If you want to attract deer to your property, either for gazing at these wild animals, or for hunting, there are varied means, methods and ways to consider. Most hunters want more deer on their property, but more importantly, they want these herbivores to keep coming. In this post, we are sharing a few things that are worth knowing.

  • Get help with landscaping. Just knowing about the trees and fruits that deer love is not enough. You have to be specific with how the orchard is planned, and for that, you may want to work with a landscaper. For instance, you can attract deer with natural landscaping from Wild Tree. The idea is to reduce expensive mistakes and have a more planned ground for these animals.
  • Know the season and weather. The kinds of trees that you can plant and expect to see more deer on your yard depend on the weather and season. Some trees and shrubs grow well in warmer climates, others need more cooler environments. This is also one of the reasons why landscaping services are so useful. Landscapers are not only experienced with the local vegetation, but can offer advice and seek further help from wildlife experts, to offer value for your investment.

  • Find about the best trees and fruits. There are certain fruits that deer and herbivores love. Crab apples, apples, pear are some of the common choices, and you need to go for hybrid varieties that are easier to grow. Also, include a wider mix of trees, plants and shrubs in your yard, so that the food options are not limited. You can also consider red acorns, white acorns, hickory, pecans, plums, persimmons and honey locust. Deer absolutely love honey locust, which produce amazing bean pods.

Other things to know

You may want to have enough browse and coverage in your yard for the deer to stay, and for that, variety is the key. Experts also recommend having some sort of water feature on the property, so that animals are attracted to that during the peak summers. You may also want to discuss the need for transition corridors, and ensure that you have taken enough steps to avoid plants that are dangerous or poisonous to these animals.

Check online now to find more on landscaping services that specialize in such services, and seek their professional opinion on your yard and what it really needs to be the perfect hunting ground.

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