What Are the Main Qualities of Epoxy Commercial Flooring?

More and more small business owners are looking to epoxy resin as the ideal flooring for their business premises and they are numerous reasons for this, which we outline below.

  • Installed on any substrate – Epoxy is poured and can therefore be used on almost all substrates; the ground does need to be correctly prepared, something the epoxy team do automatically. The high number of epoxy floors in Adelaide is testimony to the fact that epoxy can be applied to any surface and if you would like a quote to cover your workshop floor with epoxy, an online search will take you to the website of a leading flooring contractor that specialises in epoxy. They would be happy to send a technician to your place of business to discuss the many options.
  • Wide range of colours – There isn’t a shade that can’t be matched using hi-tech mixing solutions, so you can complement the colour combination, while multi-coloured flooring looks awesome. Ask a local flooring company to send someone to your business premises and you can choose a design that ticks all the boxes, spending time designing the floor markings to ensure that your workspace is safe.
  • Extreme durability – We are talking the high end of toughness and durability; epoxy is stainproof, watertight and can handle heavy industrial traffic, making it ideal for warehouses. Garages and bodywork shops choose epoxy because it is so robust, plus you can use several colours to create zones and the floor will last for many years, even with heavy traffic.
  • Embedding – There is, I’m told, a small bookshop in Sydney, where book covers have been embedded into the floor, making it a major talking point. If there are certain items that are relevant to your business, why not have them embedded into the floor using epoxy? Google Images can help by showing you thousands of embedded flooring examples, which should give you some inspiration. Show an image to the flooring contractor and see what they say.
  • Non-slip surface – Essential in any commercial environment, epoxy is non-slip, even when wet and this is one of the main reasons business owners choose epoxy resin. Basically, the epoxy contractor can create the perfect flooring for your business and they have many options, depending on the nature of the business.

Epoxy resin has a lot going for it and being very affordable means most small business owners choose it for their flooring.

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