Using Storage Boxes Creatively

Plenty of people tend to buy storage boxes as a way of keeping their homes and offices organized. But, sincerely speaking, these units promise a lot and give nothing at all if you don’t know how to use them.

There’s no way a disorganized mess will magically sort itself into clean groups and assemble itself into boxes, no matter how bad you wish it would. And, if you don’t think carefully, you’ll end up buying boxes that are pretty not of the right shape, size, or quantity suitable enough for the task at hand.

The thing is, you should sort your clutter, get rid of items you don’t need, determine how much storage space you have and then buy suitable boxes that suit your needs perfectly. Besides, if you have limited space, find boxes that fit the space.

Do you want to learn how to use your storage boxes creatively? Well, this article comes in handy for you as it discusses the factors you need to consider to use your storage cases well enough.

Type of the boxes

As we all know, these storage cases come in different types and designs to suit different needs. However, it would help if you did not get swayed by the plenty of choices at this stage. It would be best if you go for boxes that are either opaque or clear.

If you wish to see what the box contains without opening it, then a transparent plastic-type will be great for you. For the opaque container, remember to select a colour that matches your home’s décor. As a result, you will find them fun to use a lot of the time, motivating you to get the most from them.

In case of airtight storage, a box with a plastic coating on the inside would be best. Pick a cardboard box if you are looking for something cheap and functional. You can also consider exotic materials such as palm leaf, rattan, wicker, seagrass, and banana leaf if you are into them.

Box Size and shape

Smaller and stackable boxes that are super easy to lift, thus they are best for storing lightweight items. However, this may be pretty costly if you have plenty of items to store. Most importantly, you need to choose a storage box that can fit the space in your home and the items you intend to keep.

When it comes to shape, it would be best to consider a rectangular or square box as it perfectly fits in most storage spaces. What’s more, such boxes are easy to stack. Be sure to look for boxes with your desired size, shape, and material you like on the internet or local stores.

Label the boxes

You won’t like spending a lot of your valuable time looking for specific items from your boxes. So, the best way to avoid this is to label them precisely and find your items without a hustle. A transparent box could work better.

Try to label them with prints dropped vertically inside the transparent box for easy identification. You can also use a handwritten or printed sticky label and fix it on the outer part of every box. Let the labels align in the same place on every box to create a more appealing visual effect.

Use them in Furniture with Compartments

The ultimate aim of managing items in your home is to sort and group them in meaningful ways for easy retrieval. Using furniture with storage compartments like drawers and shelves can be a better move.

You can use small storage boxes with shelves and drawers to subdivide the compartment further. And if you have things to keep in the attic, like Christmas decorations, use larger boxes. If you want to stack boxes in your room’s corner and fill them with items you use more often, storage furniture would be best. It is pretty functional, attractive to use, and offers a permanent storage solution.

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