Understating the Difference Between Trex Decking and Timber

The most crucial element to consider when picking between composite decking and timber decking is how much time and resources you are prepared to devote to care. Lumber requires continual upkeep since it rots, splinters, and is eaten by insects, among many other issues, and is prone to decay.

Years after installation, Trex continues to look as wonderful as it did the day you put it up, and all it takes is a little washing and water to keep it looking that nice. But just don’t take it from us. Look at the information provided below.


The fact that wood decking planks rapidly absorb water is a significant issue. Unless treated with frequent stains, sealers, or paint, wood decks are vulnerable to warping, cracking, and rotting. Wood decking should regularly be treated with stain, sealer, or paint to prevent warping and splintering. Composite decking brands are completely moisture-resistant to the core, which means that you can put them in high-moisture environments without them succumbing to deterioration.


In contrast to the artificial and plastic-like appearance of early-generation composite decking, certain current composites have a varied appearance and randomised embossed grain pattern, ensuring that no two boards are identical. As a result, composites that closely mimic wood deck planks have been developed.

Timber in Brisbane does not age well due to the harshness of the weather. After a few years, it begins to look faded and worn. Trex composite decking is built to last a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.


A wood deck’s lifespan can be extended by regularly painting, staining, or sealing the wood decking to protect it from moisture damage. Composites require little more than brushing or cleaning to maintain their appearance fresh. The sun, wind, snow, and rain, among other natural forces, can cause damage to hardwood decking materials. Timber decking requires continual sanding.


Decks made of wood typically last between 10 and 15 years; however, Trex composite decks are guaranteed to look great for at least 25 years! Consider how much time and money you will save by not having to replace your decking every ten years or two decades.


While all-wood decking will ultimately splinter, composite decking is constructed of tiny wood fibres enclosed in plastic, which means that it will not split when used. This is especially necessary for those who will be going barefoot on the deck and toddlers and dogs whose feet are particularly sensitive.

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