Stay safe from asbestos and its pitfalls by calling in an expert testing team

What started off as having a bit of fun home brewing your own beer to save a few bucks has escalated. Your big break came when you were offered a redundancy package from your mundane job as you spent a few weeks of quality time purchasing some proper equipment.

It turned out that you were rather good at your hobby. Taking advice through a business course and speaking to fellow brewers, you now have a popular recipe for 5 different ales. But now you need a premises to keep up with production demands and ideally have a tap room for visitors. You have found the perfect old building, derelict in parts, but in a great location. But before you do anything else, your tutor tells you the importance of asbestos testing. You are so glad that you listened.

You enlisted the services of an expert company in testing for the group of minerals which has decades of experience. You had total confidence in them having read customer reviews speaking of their reliability that they would make any detections.

You were more than aware of your responsibilities, to the couple of employees you are getting on board as well as any visitors to your site. The use of asbestos was banned in Australia in December 2003 and any undetected asbestos would have been a disaster. You would have been endangering health through the increased risk of several serious diseases, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Any illnesses caused through your negligence would also have a devastating effect on your currently thriving business, causing huge financial losses as confidence in you drops, not to mention possible litigation.

It is as well that you used an asbestos testing service as plenty was detected, with the building being out of use for many years. The skilled company that is carrying out the testing service are also experts in its removal which will be followed by a safe disposal.

Highly skilled technicians will follow mandatory regulations, wearing specialist safety equipment for a task that must legally be carried out only by companies with a government license. They must produce detailed plans of the process before it commences.

Asbestos creates danger and health risks when not dealt with properly, Enlisting the services of a professional team with decades of experience in the procedure will allow you to soon move into a safe environment to continue brewing. Cheers!

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