Spring Time: A Perfect Opportunity to Remodel Lawns

Who doesn’t like a lush green and well-maintained lawn? After all, you can spend your evenings there relaxing with family and friends, and even your kids and pets can enjoy their day out there. However, beautiful lawns don’t magically appear, but are a result of hard work, time and dedication.

If it has been years since you have sown your lawn, for sure it has become a haven for weeds and moss. Although, even if you regularly take care of your lawn, there are chances that after a scorching summer or cold dry winter, it might need some makeover. All in all, spring can bring in ample opportunities to remodel your lawn. The timing and weather is just perfect to take up lawn remodeling.

Then again, if you have no idea how to be a perfect gardener, or use tools like a topdresser, here are some lawn remodeling steps for you to follow…

Steps for remodeling lawn during Springs

Renovating a lawn or garden is not a difficult task, and in fact it is something that you can enjoy. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps every 2 to 3 years. Nevertheless, the frequency of remodeling your lawn will depend on the soil quality and the type of exposure it receives.

First Step: Weeding

Weeding is a must if you want to ensure long term beauty of your lawn. Preferably, perform this task manually as it is the only way to guarantee proper attention and care. Well, of course, there are chemicals and herbicides which you can use to get rid of weeds, but they are harmful for soil health. Also, the key is to remove weeds along with their roots, which is only possible if you remove it manually.

Second Step: Mowing

Mow your lawn thoroughly and as short as possible. Mowing is necessary, because it helps in eliminating pests from the grass as well as removing debris from your lawn.

Third Step: Dethatch

Thatch is an important layer, but if it is too thick, your grass will suffer. On the other hand, a thin layer will make sure that the water, nutrients and air reaches the roots.

Forth Step: Seeding

Once your lawn is all clear after weeding, mowing and dethatching now is the time to cover it with new seeds. Work of the scarcest spots with precision. Next is the topdress your lawn with organic and high-quality soil mixtures. After 4-6 weeks, spread a lawn fertilizer on the entire surface.

Well, there you go. Your lawn is clean and ready to enhance the beauty and value of your property.

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