Must Have Furniture Items For Your Contemporary Living Room!

Designing & planning your living space can be a fun experience. The living room of your house is a welcoming space for guests and can be your den for private time beyond the bedroom. Both function and aesthetics matter as much for selecting living room furniture.

Also, you must consider three major aspects –

  • The size and shape of the room
  • Your budget
  • Overall theme of the house

There are a few furniture items that can be called essentials for modern living rooms. Websites like Michael’s Discount Furniture have some amazing products that you can consider, and the good thing is online stores have better discounts and a wider range of options.

Below are the things that a contemporary living room should include –

  • True to the name, sectionals are designed to divide a big living room into categories or sections, and adds more visual space and dimension. If you have a living area where a sectional sofa set can fit in, go for a bright & bold color. Sectionals are usually very comfortable for regular use.
  • You need to have that one accent element in the living room, and this could be the recliner. A recliner is meant for ultimate comfort and is best placed in an area that’s close to the corner, so that you can have a good time reading a book. You can place the recliner in front of your entertainment unit.

  • Ottomans. Talk of dual-purpose furniture for smaller living rooms, and you have the ottoman, which can store stuff and double up as a seat or a table, depending on the design. Ottomans are ideal for homes, where the owner prefers to keep clutter out of sight.
  • Sleeper sofas. This is also a dual-purpose product. As the name indicates, a sleeper sofa, also called a sofa cum bed, can transform into a bed by the night. There are all sorts of designs, and if you don’t have enough space, this could be a good pick.

As for the finish, color and design, go for what works best for your home’s current theme. Keep in mind that furniture is an investment for at least a decade to come, and you don’t want to buy anything that will not be useful or functional, two years from now. Check stores to find more trending designs and keep maintenance and care in mind while sorting your options.

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