Keeping Bugs and Insects Out of your Home this Summer

We have all been there, sitting in our home during Summer and we hear that persistent buzzing sound in the distance. Where could that be coming from? – we think to ourselves. The buzzing continues, around and around, this can sometimes become overwhelming. There is nothing worse. However, the buzzing of insects does not only cause a disturbance to our peace of mind, but they can also be unsanitary. Flies can lay eggs in fresh food that is left out uncovered. Certain insects can bite. Therefore, it is just better to ensure that these bugs are kept out! As a result, this article is here to provide some tips and tricks on how you can keep these unwanted guests out this Summer!

Close the Doors and Windows

This is the basic rule. If you do not want unwanted insects and bugs entering your house, then you need to keep the windows and doors closed. Of course, they are going to enter if you do not. You cannot blame them! You are essentially inviting them in when you keep these things open. Therefore, the best place to start is to ensure that you do not do this. However, if you still want an airflow to enter your house, then the next tip may be particularly useful.

Use Screen Guards

If you really want to have open windows or doors, then you still can. Have you heard of Mandurah flyscreens and security doors? Well, if you have not, do not worry, we will explain. These are screens that go over your open door and window to prevent any insects from entering. These screens are made of a grid-like mesh. It ensures that only air can pass through. Therefore, you can maintain an airy home without the disadvantage of these bugs!

Use Spray

Although this is not the ideal tip, you can always resort to using bug spray. This spray is made to make sure that no bugs can flourish in your home space once you spray it. Many providers of such spray now have odorless versions which may be more appealing to you, especially if you are going to use it in your home. Another thing that you can look out for are traps. These insect traps attract the insects to fly into them and then zap them. This is a welcome revolution as it is an easy way to ensure the reduction of these beasts.

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