How Do You Prepare Your Vegetable Garden- Answered

It is your vegetable garden that happens to receive very little care or no attention, particularly during the winter season. There is neither time to prune, weed, or do any sort of careful plant health assessment.

And by the time frost comes, the majority of the garden is the mess of drying and dead plants, rotten tomatoes, & weeds. No more collecting cucumbers, zucchini to turn into the pickle, or a canned green bean.

So, if you are also one of those who are looking forward to getting some tips related to cleaning fall garden & several ways using which you may préparer votre potager for the upcoming year:

The tips are as follows-

  • Clean your vegetable garden beds:

The vegetable patch is too messy at the conclusion of every season that this task seems terrifying at first. Spread those chores as per time and work your garden a bed or region at a time until they’re thoroughly cleaned.

Remove all the dead vegetation, a few diseases including pests and downy mildew can overwinter on the foliage and the fruit left in a garden. Discard any dead plant item and any sort of rotten fruit or vegetables.

  • Test your garden’s soil

Now is the good time for you to get done with the soil test in order to ensure if your soil requires the additional nutrients and the pH adjustment. The result of the soil tests will let you know: Soil PH, Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Sulfur (S), Magnesium (Mg) & Level of an Organic Matter.

  • Plant garlic

Choose the garden bed that has not produced garlic in the particular year, and plant on it the next year’s garlic. Work it in a plentiful amount of fertilizer in that soil and a tad bit organic fertilizer. It will keep the dormant and ants away.

  • Increase the coverage of the vegetable garden:

Well, autumn is amongst the suitable time in order to expand your vegetable garden. One may consider building some raised flower bed or square foot garden right above the grass.

  • Collect the leaves:

It is during autumn when leaves are actually the gold of the gardeners. Pick up the leaves as much as you want and they can be utilized for mulching in a garden, as the brown element of the compost and the leaf mold.

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully, these basic tips will assist you all to take care of your vegetable garden. Also, you can easily follow them.

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