Custom Millwork: A Nature’s Collection of Woodworking

Custom millwork is woodworking on an industrial level. Millwork is the process of cutting, fabricating, and installing carefully selected pieces to create a complete construction or project – like custom millwork for your home. Custom millwork can be used in many ways; interior doors, window casings, wainscoting (interior wall), railing systems, etc.

The Nava Custom Millwork is a full-service company that can provide all of these things and more for both commercial & residential spaces. It’s all about adding beauty and value to your home while maintaining functionality that will last decades into the future.

The different ways to do custom millwork

  • Millwork Installation

Millwork installation is the process of assembling and mounting all millwork in a space. Depending on your needs, it can involve installing panel moldings, doors, windows, baseboards, & much more, depending on your needs. This could also include moving existing door or window casings to new locations within a room and matching the finishes where needed. A good milled finish will require detailed planning so that everything fits properly at final assembly time.

  • Millwork Manufacturing

Manufacturing millwork is all about creating the needed components for a space. This can include everything from window & door units, custom furniture pieces to entire wall systems with cabinets, and pretty much anything else you might need for your home.

Of course, all of these items will be built following industry standards so that they are compatible with other products being used within the same room or even throughout an entire house, for that matter. The goal here is to enhance the appearance of every aspect while also making sure it’s durable enough to last decades into the future.

  • Millwork Repairs

Millwork repairs are the process of identifying and repairing any issues that may arise with already installed millwork. This can include anything from small nicks or dings to larger structural damage due to severe moisture-related problems like rot, mold & warping, which will require a complete replacement.

We want you to be aware of this critical aspect because it’s extremely important for maintaining your investment over time and extending its life beyond what would have been possible if these things were ignored.

  • Millwork Finishing

Millwork finishing is the process of providing a beautiful and durable finish on all millwork. This can include stained or painted finishes and polished metallic brushed nickel & even chrome, depending on your needs for any given space.


It doesn’t matter how big or small – custom millwork should always be done right! A Nature’s Collection has all the tools and expertise you need for the job.

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