A Homeowner’s Guide For Selecting Bathroom Countertops!

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, you may want to rethink the countertops. Vanity tops are great for adding functionality and aesthetic appeal to bathrooms, and there are a wide range of materials to choose from. In this post, we are sharing the top picks for bathroom countertops, and things that consumers need to know!


Just like the kitchen, countertops and vanity tops in the bathroom are open to water exposure, spills, and leaks. You need a material that can stand the test of time. The two most common choices include – granite & marble.

  • Think of durability and natural beauty, and nothing can beat granite as a countertop material. However, to install granite, you need to have a strong base, which means you need to spend more on construction and installation. If you don’t mind that, granite is just ideal.
  • In kitchens, while marble is often not considered to be the ideal choice, because it’s prone to staining. That’s not the case with bathrooms, and we recommend that you check for marble as an alternative to granite.

There are also other options like quartz, tiles, and wood, which can work for bathroom countertops, but make sure that you compare the pros and cons. Wood, for instance, may need a lot more care and maintenance.

Installation and space

Before finalizing the material for your bathroom countertop, ensure that you have figured out the installation and space. It makes zero sense to spend on a big countertop, with no space for additional storage and other things. For the installation, find a supplier you can rely on and get an estimate in advance. Many suppliers are also great at offering design advice, so you can always rely on them to make the most of your bathroom size. Even with a decent sized countertop, there can be space for cabinets, wall shelves, and other things.

Getting an estimate

Eventually, bathroom countertops are also about budget. Marble, granite, and quartz are all expensive but durable options, but getting an estimate in advance is a good idea. Spending a tad more on a design or theme you like is never a bad idea, considering that bathroom remodeling is a onetime job, and you wouldn’t change the countertop for at least a decade.

Check online for trending bathroom countertops, and finalize the design and other components before placing an order.

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